Bonnie and Blair Needed Help!

Bonnie and Blair

We needed a bath! Our skin needed help!

Bonnie and Blaire came to the Auburn Valley Humane Society as strays, lost and abandoned.  They were really, really sick. They had multiple skin and ear infections and allergies. They were confused and scared when they arrived, but there were lavished with love by the staff and volunteers while we looked for their owner.






No one came to claim them. With medication and a caring foster family, they improved. The foster family was committed to finding a new family where they could remain together. Bonnie and Blaire, were after all, best friends…only two years old. They were white West Highland Terriers with no hair on their legs and feet.



Bonnie Blaire


A family with four kids visited the dogs at the foster home. The kids were ready for the pet responsibility. They were excited to meet the two dogs. The love was mutual. The dogs couldn’t stop wagging their tails. It was a perfect match!


Both are healthy and thriving and well taken care of.


With continued medication and proper food, the two dogs have new hair and their skin is clearing up. The hope we have for helping dogs like Bonnie and Blaire hinges on the support of generous, caring people like YOU.  Your past support has helped countless animals on their paths to happiness. Bonnie sweater


bonnie blaire looking great

We’ve been adopted! We look fantastic!



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