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 duster leg break

Duster was just two years old when he was turned into the Auburn Valley Humane Society. The young Jack Russell Terrier mix was abandoned, had a painful fracture in his leg and needed immediate medical care.

He was a cute white terrier looking dog that needed a foster home to heal from his fractured leg.  Strict instructions were given to the fosters to keep Duster calm, no jumping and no shenanigans.  He looked like a little dust mop, thus Duster seemed to fit.
Duster #7


He wanted to be a regular dog and play. He loved having something in his mouth – a chewey, a sock, a slipper, a stuffed toy, a rope, anything that he could get his teeth into. He blended well with the family as his leg healed. He played in the yard with his dog buddies.




The foster and Duster became close as they would go to the dog park to meet with the other dog buddies. Duster




After a few months, Duster’s leg had healed.  It was a difficult time whether they would adopt Duster and continue to foster.

Duster became a part of the family!

Animals like Duster deserve individualized care and the security of a forever family.  That why we need your help!

Your support helps provide the care that animals like Duster need when others have failed him. Together, we can rescue and heal homeless animals, and save innocent lives.


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There are so many abandoned animals in King and Pierce Counties who are counting on us for a second chance.  Please give now to help animals like Duster find love.

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Phil Morgan

AVHS Executive Director


P.S. Duster is doing great with his new family thanks to their love and attention to him.  He was given a second chance that he deserved!