Spring Fund Drive – Francis’ story


Eyes glitter glued shut

Who would have thought that on a Saturday, not unlike any other Saturday at the Auburn Valley Humane Society, such a terrible thing could have happened to an innocent life?lime paw button

Before the shelter opened, the phone rang and in came a call of desperation and disgust. “There is a small dog tied to a fence. I think it is hurt. Can you come and get it?”
Officer Douglas Koch was dispatched and indeed there was a tan Chihuahua tied to a chain link fence with a note attached to the leash. It read, “I am a rescued dog and need a loving home, please help. I was abused so be nice to me. I will love you back, A LOT!!”


Cut and abused!

Officer Koch noticed the dog was injured. It appeared the small dog was covered in glitter and its eyes had been glued shut. There were cuts and abrasions about his tiny body and it appeared he had been set on fire as his hair was singed. The officer untied the leash from the fence, loaded the tiny dog into his vehicle and hurried back to the shelter.



Glue almost gone!



Francis could see…

Once at the AVHS shelter, Dr. Emily took the abused dog into her care. She began the painstaking treatment of removing the glitter glue from the now thankful dog. After three hours, the glue was gone from his eyes. Bandages had been applied to the injured areas, but the smell of burnt hair still lingered in the air and the sparkle of glitter still remained.




Ready for adoption!

The tiny dog, lovingly named Francis, had been rescued and treated for his physical injuries. He was now in the caring hands of people who would help with the mental scars of this tragic day. For the first time in a long time, through his glittered eyes, Francis could see the dedicated people that loved him and cared for him unconditionally. Something he was obviously not used to.

Francis soon became a favorite of the staff and volunteers at the shelter. His gentle demeanor and thankful attitude was very apparent. He enjoyed his daily walks by the river and into the park, sniffing the world in a new light. There was only one thing missing, a loving human family to call his own.

When the swelling in his eyes subsided, it was decided Francis was ready to be placed into his forever home. One afternoon, a man named Alex came to the shelter that would again change Francis’ life forever.

A few months went by since Alex and his family adopted Francis. On an adoption follow-up, it was apparent that the scars of that fateful Saturday have all but subsided. Francis not only has humans that love him, he has a house with big yard to call his own. Francis also has a Doxie brother named Dillon that he is “attached to the hip with”… and to think, it all started on a Saturday, not unlike any other Saturday at the Auburn Valley Humane Society.

Thank goodness, Francis was rescued. We count on support of generous people like YOU to provide the resources we need to see Francis through to a better life. He received lifesaving medical care, a foster home where he learned to give and receive love, and finally a new home with a family who absolutely adores him.

Please take a moment to make a lifesaving gift for the animals like Francis. lime paw button