Koby’s Story


My name is Koby!


My name is Koby.  I am a 7 year old male tan Pomeranian that was lost and brought to the shelter.  When I first arrived to the shelter, it was apparent that I needed some medical care.

I was fluffy and well groomed but I had an old fractured front leg injury, which caused my leg to dangle as I walked.

The vet and medical staff took pictures of my leg with their new full body x-ray machine. Thank you donors for allowing them to get one you can see my broken pieces. 20170912_175151_resized

My new friends helped me by removing the injured leg which allowed me to move easily.

I healed well.

Now I hop around on three legs like a tripod.

Koby tripod





I would need gentle handling as I might be a little snappy.  I was looking for a family that could take me on walks, long car rides, and let me snuggle with them.

My family came and adopted me not long after that.

I was adopted September 5, 2017. 

Koby’s new adopted owner says, “Koby is doing great! We love him sooooo much!”

Koby had extensive medical care and we were able to utilize our full body x-ray machine to determine the course of care he would need.  20170912_175224_resized
Thanks to our donors, the medical staff was able to diagnose and see the extent of the injury.  They could make the best possible decision to provide for the best treatment options for long term success. Fourteen animals have had x-rays at the shelter during the past two months.  Thank you donors!



The medical need for the puppies and the kitties doesn’t end! We NEED your support and continued donations to allow us to provide quality care to the lost and homeless animals at the shelter.  Every dollar makes a difference! Won’t you continue to help us with your donation?


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