Surrendering your Pet

Pet Licensing Placescat surrender

AVHS 2017 SPOT Application Brochure for Stop Pet Overpopulation Today (Low Cost Spay and Neuter Program

List of veterinarians for Wellness Exam2017

Low cost vaccinations vets – resource list for around the South Puget Sound area for low cost vaccinations and veterinarians. Also links for help with vet bills.

Other Resources for Spay and Neuter


A list of helpful resources include the following. Remember that AVHS does not endorse these links – we are providing them as information to you to utilize.

Bark Avenue Foundation - a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization dedicated to animal welfare. They partner with other non-profit organizations, like AVHS, as an animal rescue partner, to provide at-risk animals  a new loving home.  The assist with funding Wings of Rescue to transport animals to Washington.

A link to a pet safety guide, which includes chapters on common household hazards for pets, food safety for pets, pet-proofing, and natural disaster prep for owners. Click here for the pet safety guide.

Here is a link to help you understand the cost of pet ownership and to quantify the real ownership costs.  Often times, you are enamored with having a cute animal, but are unaware of the costs that are associated with taking care of a pet and being a responsible pet owner.

A link to help you with VA Benefits for Service Dogs . Learn what a service dog is, what training it will receive and what a guide dog provides.

Veterinary costs are often the biggest contributor to the overall costs of owning a pet. While AVHS does not provide help with pet veterinary costs, this link provides local and national resources that you might find helpful: Help with Vet Bills

How to Foster a Service Dog from Service Dogs of America.

Service dogs have been found to be very beneficial to some children and adults. Learn how to connect to Service Dog Organizations.

We are all trying to be aware of shopping green, learn to Shop Green for Your Pet.

Some great tips on traveling with pets with links to more resources at Pets and Car Travel Safety.

Some tips on Pet Safety Guide for New Owners.

Need tips on Moving with a Pet and how to keep them calm.

We have a guide on How to Save Money on Pet Care.

Read more on how your pet is impacting the way you sleep.

Emergency Planning for Pets is just as important as Emergency planning for your family. This link has some great tips to making an pet emergency plan, sheltering your pet during a disaster, and caring for your pet after a disaster.

Pet Safety In and Out of your Home – great pet safety tips.


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