Summer Heat Story

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Summer heat can be dangerous for pets – especially those left inside hot cars or outside without adequate shelter and water.
Please, don't leave me in the car on a hot day!

Please!!! Don’t leave me in the car…………on a hot day!



On a hot day (60 degrees in the northwest), a car can reach deadly temperatures in just minutes. Daisy, a sweet puppy, was left in a car on a hot day at the mall. It was just a quick stop.
Though she was only in the car for a little while, Daisy almost died.  The animal control officer pulled Daisy from the car and rushed her to the Vet. Daisy was lucky this time, she survived!
Every year, countless animals die from being overheated in the summer. That’s why we urgently need your help!

Your support for Auburn Valley Humane Society will help keep pets like Oreo safe during this critical season. Together, we can prevent tragedies caused by summer heat.

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Animals can’t speak for themselves to let us know when they are in pain. Please help make sure animals in King  and Pierce Counties are safe this summer with your gift now.
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Phil Morgan
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P.S. Cats and dogs are especially vulnerable because they only cool off through the pads of their paws and by panting. To keep your pets safe, never leave your animals in a parked car, limit exercise on hot days, and provide ample shade and water at all times.